Seminar work

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If you have any of the following questions, then read on to learn more:

  • How is the coursework written?
  • How do I structure my coursework?
  • In what form does the coursework contain quotes?
  • Can you find some downloadable works somewhere on the Internet?
  • How to avoid plagiarism accusations?
  • What is the pattern of coursework?
  • How is the course work defended?
  • How to write an introduction to coursework?
  • What is the binding outline of the coursework?
  • How to order 100% original text of coursework?


By elaborating the course work, students prepare for more specialized and demanding units, which they will surely encounter in the course of their studies. It is mainly a bachelor thesis or a diploma thesis. The task of the year is to verify to what extent the student has mastered the subject matter covered in the given course during the respective year – regardless of whether he / she is at a high school or college. It is customary to hand in coursework individually, but sometimes it can also be done in groups.

The structure of coursework will depend on whether the work is to be more theoretical or practical. Theoretically oriented coursework must include a title page, an annotation, an introduction, a text, a conclusion and a list of resources. In addition, a practical part and possibly attachments (graphs, tables, statistics, questionnaires,…) will be provided for practically focused coursework.

The topic of the course work is usually set at the beginning of the year, so the student has enough time to elaborate it. In some schools you can choose a theme of your choice, somewhere you have to choose one of the topics listed.

It is good to realize that well-elaborated coursework can be a solid basis for further professional studies that the student will have to submit during his / her studies, especially the bachelor thesis and diploma thesis. Therefore, let us recall the important principles for writing coursework.

Here, too, it is primarily a claim for good professional expression and scientific submission of facts. Occasional subjective nipples are still permissible in secondary schools, for example in the introduction, but it would be better to avoid similar things in higher education and to rely on as much objectivity as possible; When dividing the text, one paragraph should contain one comprehensive idea – neither more nor less. Structure the work according to the principle of decimal breakdown – thus allowing the reader and the evaluator to get the smoothest orientation in the text.

Of course there is also the absence of grammatical and stylistic mistakes that would unnecessarily reduce the level of your work. If you are not absolutely sure about this, do not hesitate to use our proofreading services. If your coursework is to be written in a foreign language and you are not entirely sure that you can do it, you can also use our translation services. Also, in the academic text, the course work should also remember the rules of quotation and presentation of bibliographic data – follow the methodological instructions of your educational institution.

Course contents Introduction

Coursework and its introduction – this is the point about which there is always a lot of confusion. Introduction of coursework has a very similar form as for example a seminar paper or a semestral work. Its purpose is to outline the theme, methodology and goals that the coursework has set itself. Due to its scope, there is no need to go into some deliberate analysis – choose a clear, economical but accurate and unambiguous language. Annual work should not have a significantly longer introduction than one and a half pages. For more information about the introduction and other components of the course work.

Coursework defense

The defense of coursework is not usually its obligatory part in all schools, as it is for example in the case of bachelor thesis or diploma thesis, but it can be met quite often.

Its course is similar to, for example, graduate work. Your task will be to briefly introduce to your commission your professional text of coursework, what it deals with and what method you have chosen and then answer questions that will be asked by you. These may, for example, relate to why you have acted as you did in some passages, or your opponent may ask you to clarify some unclear parts, but may also openly argue with you about specific steps and you must be able to reasonably justify your progress and uphold the findings.

The aim of the opposition is definitely not to bring you to the commission or prove your ignorance, but to find out to what extent you are able to defend the results of your research in a professional discussion. Your answers should be substantive and argumentative. Therefore, to prepare for the defense of the academic text a coursework of sufficient time, so that you do not have to boil water before the committee.

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