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  • How is the topic of graduate work allocated?
  • How to write a graduate thesis?
  • How to deal with the practical part of graduate work?
  • Where can you see the pattern of graduate work?
  • What is the outline of graduate work?
  • How does the graduate thesis work?
  • How to cite correctly to avoid becoming a plagiarist?
  • How do you manage to pass a graduate job if you have to go to work, take care of your family or prepare for exams?
  • How to write an introduction and the conclusion of a graduate thesis?
  • How to order documents for graduate work at the server?

Graduate work

Graduate work is submitted by students at secondary vocational schools, grammar schools or higher professional schools. They work on it under the supervision of a supervisor and have the task of demonstrating the ability to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge independently. This also implies the focus of graduate work, which is primarily practical.

The graduate thesis is evaluated mainly according to the following criteria: ability to critically read secondary literature, independent orientation in the issue, professional and accurate expression (including the use of established professional terminology), innovative approach, information value of work, stylistics and last but not least formal adjustment.

Otherwise, all rules apply to writing graduate theses as for other academic units such as seminar work, bachelor thesis, semester work, or diploma thesis. Also, remember the rules for citing and presenting bibliographic data – here, follow the guidelines of your educational institution.

Topics of graduate theses

The topic of graduate work and especially its choice is practically the most important part of the whole creative process. A well-chosen and well-grasped theme greatly increases the chance of a high-quality and well-evaluated graduate job. Conversely, a poorly formulated theme will cause you to work with your graduate work without any significant hope of success.

If your school has the opportunity to choose your own graduate thesis topic, it is important to consult your potential supervisor first, who will certainly guide you in the right direction and save you a lot of unnecessary work. Then you need to develop a curriculum in the points to follow and allow you to write and think in a single, unified framework.

Defense of graduate work

After you have written, handed in and graduated your graduate work, the final part of the whole graduation procedure is waiting for you, which is the defense of graduate work. It takes place in front of a multi-member committee consisting of teachers at your school. An opponent will also be elected for your work, who will have the task of pointing out possible weak points to your professional text – graduate work and sometimes asking you unpleasant questions. You can also be interviewed by any other member of the commission, so prepare this section very thoroughly and do not consider it a mere formality.

Graduate work practical part

The form of the practical part of the graduate thesis depends largely on the field you are studying. It can be a series of physical or chemical experiments, a literary analysis of a selected work, a statistical survey, an algorithm for a program or an analysis of the economic situation of a selected company. Importantly, in this section you have to practically apply what you have learned theoretically during your studies. Only one’s own empirical work can prove the student’s competence to work in the field. For a more detailed picture of the practical part of the graduate thesis, see our patterns of graduate work listed above.

Introduction to graduate work

The introduction of the graduate thesis serves for the reader to get a clear idea at the beginning about what topic the graduate thesis deals with (and how closely this topic is defined), for what method the author of the work – the graduate thesis decided, what goals he / she has set, what is his personal contribution to this graduate work (subjective motivation).

However, the introduction of graduate work should definitely not be a detailed retelling of the curriculum of the graduate thesis – the content organized according to the principles of decimal breakdown serves for this purpose. Likewise, in their introduction, avoid overly general formulations and “threshing empty straw” – both the reader and the evaluator will undoubtedly recognize these tendencies.

Graduate thesis conclusion

The conclusion of the graduation thesis should in a sense reflect its introduction – it should be written in the form of a brief reflection on the course and mainly the results of this professional text – graduate work. It is interesting to compare initial assumptions and empirically determined conclusions – often it is possible to observe interesting contradictions. Any proceeds that the writer considers relevant and worth remembering should summarize in their conclusion and provide a brief explanatory commentary.

How can I order documents for a professional text – graduate thesis?

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